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COACHING | The Morrison Coaching Methodology

The Art and Science of Personal Transformation

Dr. Mike has refined his methodology over the last ten years with the overall goal of facilitating a transforming experience for both individual leaders and teams. 

The three-phase process (see figure below) takes you way beyond the “incremental gains” and traditional problem-solving focus of most coaching approaches. Each phase highlights the best practices in personal and team development.  The overall process is framed as a journey – opening us up to gain access to our best personal resources. 

The art part of the transformational journey is Mike’s experience in helping leaders to re-think, re-frame and re-commit to growth challenges.  Each session is carefully crafted to illuminate the best possible response – while building new levels of capability and insight. 


The science part includes the 100+ frameworks and mental models that Mike has researched and developed over the last two decades.  These tools are proven to accelerate the development process – and will empower you as a leader to take some extraordinary new steps in the journey forward.

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