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You have challenges.  Big challenges!


You don’t need advice.  You need measurable results! We start with two givens: 


Nothing works without a working leader.

Nothing sticks until it is in the culture. 


I have been consulting and delivering differentiating results to organizations of all sizes for the last 15 years. I don’t just reduce the pain or target isolated improvements.


I bring the full force of my experience in helping organizations to manage their business as a growing culture–leveraging my LEARN PLAN DO change management process.  

My areas of focus include:


Lean Transformations:  Most organizations have some sort of continuous improvement effort that is not meeting expectations in some significant ways. I have led dozens of lean transformations that have re-energized the organization – while leading to new levels of capability and results.


Culture Transformations:  Culture is one of the least understood and undermanaged elements in the leadership toolkit. Leveraging a Purpose-Process-People framework, we can more reliably assess, measure and build the necessary work culture. 

Leadership Development


I can say with great certainty that you do not have enough leadership capacity to meet your current challenges and aspirations.  I have helped organizations develop their leadership capabilities to support both their pipeline of succession planning – and the distributed leadership requirements that bring empowerment, capability, and accountability to all levels of the organization.


Getting Started


It all begins with a complimentary and consultative “white-board” session (usually two to three hours) where I learn about your unique challenge. Email me at to begin the process of creating meaningful change within your organization.

"Mike communicates a vision for leadership and organizational excellence that begins with service to others and extends through approaches for operational excellence and organizational transformation. With his engaging, humorous and humble style, and with his background as Dean Emeritus for the University of Toyota, Mike is uniquely positioned to assist leading organizations as they journey toward transformational excellence."

Amir Dan Rubin, President and CEO, Stanford Hospital and Clinics



"Mike is a skilled facilitator who demonstrates exceptional partnership with his clients and is genuinely committed to their long-term success. He has a unique capacity to inspire confidence in a leadership team to tackle the complex job of improving an organization by making it compelling, accessible and manageable.  Beyond this, Mike is committed to fostering great character and authenticity in leaders. He is a true change agent."  

Mary K. Campbell, Ph.D., Vice President, University of Southern California

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