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Dog or Cat?

Here’s the question: Is it the cat or dog that best characterizes your leadership style?

First of all, cats truly capture the conventional images of leadership: independent, self-sufficient, and agile. But at their extreme, this can morph into aloofness, detachment and fierce independence.

Dogs are totally the opposite. The moniker of “man’s best friend” is fitting — and their “total engagement and transparency” creates the most positive image of a leader. Dogs love unconditionally and more than anything — they just want to be with you.

My analogy continues.

Dogs have friends. Cats have staff.

Dogs are all in. Cats play their cards close to the vest.

Dogs trust. Cats aren’t taking any chances.

I love both my cats and dogs — and as a leader, I think I was more “cat-like” earlier in my career — and later relaxing into the “dog.”

How about you?

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