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I do not define myself as a professional speaker . . . 

Rather, I am a passionate executive who loves to speak! 

(As you know, the difference is huge.)  


What differentiates my 200 keynote speeches?
  • Relevance: I have deep expertise in leadership, culture and lean thinking.

  • Inspiration: I can translate big ideas into ah-ha moments that the audience will remember forever.  

  • Humor:  I know how to leverage humor to educate, engage, and emotionalize the experience.


Some speaking themes to get the juices flowing:
  • The 7 New Rules for Leading in an Uncertain World

  • One More Time:  How Do We Really Motivate People?

  • What Does It Really Mean to Be “Lean”?

  • What are the Daily Routines that Define Leadership?

  • 3 Steps for Building a High-Performance Culture

  • The Timeless Secret to Leadership Impact

  • How a Continuous Improvement Strategy can Change Everything!


Challenge me!

Send me your event details and I will respond with a no-obligation proposal that will outline: 

  • Compelling insights, frameworks and perspectives that go to the heart of your needs.

  • Practical ideas that follow participants back into the real world.

  • All for a simple, affordable, and all-inclusive fee.

"One of the many things that makes Mike Morrison so inspiring to listen to and work with is his breadth and depth of knowledge combined with the ability to convey information in a simple and straight-forward manner. It is obvious that he is the "real deal"!"

John Settineri, Senior Executive, Avery Dennison



"Dr. Mike Morrison is an oracle of information, illumination, and inspiration. His participation alone ensures the value of any event. I highly recommend Dr. Morrison in all capacities and look forward to his future presentations."

Bill Shumard, CEO, Special Olympics



"Mike Morrison brings a wealth of experience and insights to his talks that serve to reconnect us toward a renewed sense of self and purpose. Mike engages his audiences with great empathy and humor in reaching that awareness."

Mark Spear, Senior Executive, UCLA Healthcare

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